'The Hours' (2002)

Description: Based on the Michael Cunningham novel, the movie depicts three women living in different time periods, all of whom are linked in some way to Virginia Woolf's "Mrs. Dalloway." One of the three protagonists is Woolf herself, played by Nicole Kidman (pictured here). Of special note: Glass received his second Oscar nomination for his score to "The Hours." (He received a third nomination in 2007 for "Notes on a Scandal.") Glass on "The Hours": "It was a similar situation to 'Mishima' -- a film that was falling apart. Maybe that's an exaggeration. [Producer] Scott Rudin doesn't let anything fall apart. The centrifugal force was pushing the movie away from itself. You have three stories -- if you look at the movie, he [director Stephen Daldry] does the sequences in the same way: 1,2,3, and 1,2,3... so you see the movie in units of threes. Instead of doing different music for each three like I did in 'Mishima,' I did the same theme for all three, which pulled the parts together. I think that's what music does -- it pulls a movie together. It's structural, not decorative."
Clive Coote / Paramount Pictures & Miramax
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