'The Truman Show' (1998)

Description: Jim Carrey stars as a man who has lived his entire life on a giant television set and is the unwitting star of a 24/7 live broadcast about his life. Ed Harris (pictured standing) plays the creator of the TV show. Of special note: The movie's score features new and preexisting music by Glass, including selections from "Mishima" and the "Qatsi" trilogy. Glass on "The Truman Show": "So here was how my conversation with [director] Peter Weir went. He said that Christof [the Ed Harris character] is a Philip Glass nut who has all of Philip Glass' music, and when he's looking at rushes for the broadcast, he's putting it together and he plays his favorite Philip Glass music.... I'm actually in the movie -- you can see me playing the keyboard in one scene. I went to Hollywood and I got my own trailer for a couple of days."
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