Take a tour of public street art around the world

Beyond the connotation of graffiti, street art provides an avenue for artists to engage directly with the public. Among such works are those that comment on a specific moment, whose existence can be just as fleeting.

From political statements to an expression of a specific style, artists push to elevate the medium, increasing the public's awareness and appreciation for street art.


Groups such as the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles and Google Art Project's Street Art collection work to preserve and catalog these works, physically and digitally, to expand the public's exposure to these art pieces.

On Tuesday, Google celebrated the addition of 5,000 more images to its digital street art collection with a party at the Container Yard in downtown Los Angeles.

In the spirit of celebrating street art, we have combed through our photo database to gather some of our favorites seen around the world. Click through the gallery above for a tour.

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