Fabio Luisi: 53, principal conductor of the Metropolitan Opera in New York

"My first knowledge of Bjork's music was through iTunes. I downloaded a couple of her songs and videos, and the most impressive to me was the video clip with the song 'Oceania.' I love her approach to new sounds made just with her voice. Then I heard a lot of her songs, even those in Icelandic language (which I don't understand at all, but whose sound I love). And I discovered her again as singer of a song in the (unfortunately discontinued) TV show 'FlashForward'; it was the song 'It's, Oh, So Quiet.' Her voice and her style are truly unique. She was once in the audience when I was conducting "Lulu" at the Met 2010, and my wife saw her, approached her and invited her to visit me in the intermission of the performance. She was very nice to her, but refused, saying 'Oh, thanks, but I am so shy!' "
Koichi Miura/AP | Malte Kristiansen/AFP/GettyImages
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