Gustavo Dudamel: 31, music director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela

"I listen to all sorts of music all the time, and my choices vary depending on whether it's for relaxation, dancing or research! The spread and variety of my taste is really huge so it's impossible to pin-point favorites as they change on an almost daily basis. Currently my top choices include 'La Malaguena' by Trio Calaveras, which I enjoy for the character, the interpretation and the vocal sound -- it's so different from other vocal sounds and led to my interest in 'Fado' (during the summer I was listening to 'Anthologia 2' with Amalia Rodrigues' 'Gaivota'). During the LA Phil's Americas festival at the Hollywood Bowl, I was split between listening to the music we were playing and the 'Fado,' and I'm as interested in the 'Fado' concept as listening to Aerosmith [pictured] -- I've downloaded everything I can by them and I'm amazed at their character and vocal sounds."
Larry Marano/Getty Images | Lawrence K. Ho/Los Angeles Times
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