(Frazer Harrison, Getty Images)
If I ran the NEA, I would work to create a Cinema Hall of Fame in New York City, the birthplace of American cinema. I think that while working with the Museum of the Moving Image and other great organizations in New York City, the NEA could fund a profitable enterprise. Film preservation is something that all artists could benefit from.

The other mandate I would have if I ran the NEA would be to work closely with all of the different branches of the academies -- for film, music, theater, television -- and start a mandatory mentoring initiative for the members.

This would be an amazing way to give back to local communities, if they had a member of one of the academies speak at their schools, teach a seminar and be available to be hands on with aspiring artists.

This could help with a resurgence of regional community theater and dance performers and would only serve to enrich the culture of our schools and youth programs.