Stacy Keibler to host Lifetime's 'Supermarket Superstars'

It isn't exactly "Dancing with the Stars" but

Stacy Keibler

is poised to make her television comeback.

She'll be hosting a new show on Lifetime called "Supermarket Superstars."


The network announced Friday that it had just picked up 10 episodes of the show.

Keibler will be the show's

Heidi Klum

, which is fitting because it sounds a little like

"Project Runway"

-- except with food instead of fashion.

Here's the premise:

Contestants will pitch a food product they've invented to three mentors. After critiques from the mentors, contestants will refine their ideas and then pitch them to a supermarket buyer. The winner of each episode gets money to develop their product and a chance to come back for the finale where one winner will get their product on the shelves of a "major grocery."

It's not clear how the job will affect Keibler's bid to become the next host of

"The X Factor."

Last month, she was on the short list for the gig along with

Khloe Kardashian


Kelly Osbourne


Keibler, a former wrestler and Ravens cheerleader, is best-known these days for dating

George Clooney


Her biggest splash on TV came when she appeared on the second season of "Dancing with the Stars."

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