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LAPD officers killed one resident of this Watts housing project. 12 hours later, they worked to save another's life

'Scream 4' -- 2.5 stars

R; 1:43 running time The "Scream" franchise has consciously made an in-joke virtue of its meta-critiques, its yakky way of calling attention to the horror-movie tropes while deploying them anew. "Scream" is all about the text and the film-geek footnotes. But the opening of this franchise reboot promises a gory delirium the film cannot sustain. All in all, it's a moderately entertaining exercise in running in circles and chasing one's tail. The film is jam-packed with stabbings, but the gore doesn't impart that salacious, lingering "Saw"/"Hostel" feeling. Read the full reviewDimension Films