'Friends With Benefits' -- 3 stars

R; 1:44 running time "No relationship. No emotions. Just sex!" So says the hotshot website art director played by Timberlake, recruited from his California gig for a New York City job as GQ magazine's design head. (The film takes place in a strange, distant time before the recession, when people flew on airplanes with tickets paid for by prospective employers.) The woman he's pitching, an executive headhunter played by Kunis, says she's up for it. The newbie and his savvy Manhattan sponsor fall into a fast friendship. They fit. He's "emotionally unavailable," still smarting over his mother leaving his now-Alzheimer's-addled father, played with his usual, light-fingered skill by Richard Jenkins; she's "emotionally damaged" (in a perky, edgy way), the daughter of a boozy free spirit perpetually between relational engagements, played by Patricia Clarkson. Why not throw in some intercourse? -- Michael PhillipsRead the full review
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