'Let the Bullets Fly' -- 3 stars

NR; 2:12 running time The film, reportedlyChina'sNo. 1 box office hit ever, is essentially a rowdy latter-day Western set in that country's warlord era of the 1920s. A newly appointed governor is riding a private rail car to provincial Goose Town, guzzling Champagne and hatching plans to fleece the locals. Bandits attack, and the governor dies in the ensuing hellacious train wreck. His flunky, Tang, survives, and Zhang, the chief of the marauders, forces him to play along in a plot to oust Goose Town's boss, Master Huang. At least I think so. I'm about 70 percent sure that's what writer-director Jiang Wen was driving at.Read the full "Let the Bullets Fly" movie review
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