'The Pajama Game'

Granted, it ends not with "Strike! Strike! Strike!" but with a man and a woman sharing the same set of jammies. But "The Pajama Game," the racy-for-its-day 1954 musical about a union official worker in a pajama factory who gets romantically sewn up with a member of management, always came with a touch of Clifford Odets ambience. Yes, the signature number is "Hey There," associated more with the Las Vegas Rat Pack than the Haymarket Riots, but this is still one of the very few Broadway musicals ever written about an industrial dispute. The main strength of Jess McLeod¿s new production for the Music Theatre Company of Highland Park is in evoking the show¿s grit and social conscience. - Chris Jones Through May 19 at the Music Theatre Company, 1850 Green Bay Road, Highland Park; $40 at 847-579-4900 or themusictheatrecompany.orgRead the full "Pajama Game" theater review
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