"42nd Street" ★★★½

Most productions of "42nd Street" concentrate on delivering those signature dancing feet and quit while they are still in the money. But most productions are not directed by Rachel Rockwell, the best storyteller to emerge recently in the world of Chicago musical theater. Rather than serving up one tap extravaganza after another, Rockwell focuses on the character of Peggy, the starlet with big Broadway ambitions, and her relationship with Julian, that authoritarian auteur who could turn a chorus call to jelly with one bark. This is a thoroughly entertaining show, presented in the round at the Marriott Theatre, that never neglects the choreography (by Tammy Mader) or the comedy. But when the other girls in the chorus line tell Kaitlyn Davidson's Peggy that her success will ennoble them all, the hairs started to rise on the back of my neck. - CHRIS JONES Through May 29 at Marriott Theatre, 10 Marriott Drive, Lincolnshire; $41-$49 at 847 634-0200 or marriotttheatre.com
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