'A Dying King: The Shah of Iran' director Bobak Kalhor: 'It’s not just Americans that want freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom for women'

“If we don’t fight for creating freedoms that we have in other places, then the people who are not supportive of those freedoms will attack us here,” director Bobak Kalhor says about U.S. foreign policy. “You know, the fight starts other places. Human nature, it is what it is but I think we can fight for a better future. And a better future starts with providing the freedoms, the rights, the benefits that we have here. These are universal. Everyone wants them …  I think we should help spread those ideals around the world. It’ll make it a safer world.” Kalhor sat down with Los Angeles Times writer Jeffrey Fleishman to discuss his new documentary, “A Dying King: The Shah of Iran,” which examines the medical mistakes and political intrigue that led to the death of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the late Shah of Iran, who fled to exile during the Iranian Revolution in 1979.
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