'Call Me By Your Name' actor Armie Hammer on 'one of the most challenging scenes' he's danced as an actor

“If you’re doing a dance scene in a movie, there's no music; you’re dancing to complete silence…,” Hammer explained of shooting his now-viral dance scene.  “There’s no music, and you're sober, because you're working, I don't know about a lot of people but I've never really been sober and thought 'oh now is the perfect time to dance.' So all of these things combined with the fact that there's now a crew staring at you, watching you….”   But he said he realized that was how he felt, but he imagined instead how his character felt. “That entire scene is just about letting go of your inhibitions, and completely losing yourself in a moment of just being enraptured … So much of it was about letting go, and that's one of the most challenging scenes I've done as an actor.”   From when it first played at Sundance earlier this year, “Call Me by Your Name” has been one of the year’s most anticipated releases. Directed by Luca Guadagnino from a screenplay adapted by James Ivory and with performances by Timothée Chalamet, Armie HammerMichael Stuhlbarg and Esther Garrel, the film is about desire and love and the excitement and heartbreak of one summer in Italy.
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