Apple TV gets HBO Go, WatchESPN and others

Apple TV gets HBO Go, WatchESPN and others
"Game of Thrones" fans can now watch the show with their Apple TV. (Keith Bernstein / HBO)

"Game of Thrones," meet Apple TV.

Apple said Wednesday that HBO Go and WatchESPN apps are now available directly on its set-top box that lets users stream video and music onto television sets.

HBO Go gives its subscribers access to Home Box Office's entire library, including original shows such as "Game of Thrones" and "True Blood." WatchESPN lets ESPN customers access the sports empire's multiple channels.

Apple TV users could already use both apps through a workaround -- by connecting their Apple smartphones, tablets and computers to the set-top box wirelessly through the company's AirPlay feature. Now they can get direct access.

Both apps work only for pay-TV subscribers. No pay-TV subscription, no dice.

Apple TV has also added BSkyB's Sky News app, as well as Crunchyroll, a Japanese video and anime service, and Qello, which provides on-demand concerts and music documentaries.

With the new additions, Apple TV has about a dozen channels listed on its Web page as well as Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Roku, which competes with Apple TV, already had HBO Go available on its boxes. Roku does not list ESPN's channels, though it has other ways to access live sports.

Roku also includes Pandora's Internet radio service and Amazon Instant Video from Inc., which competes with iTunes. Apple recently launched a streaming radio service that competes with Pandora Media Inc.  

Pandora and Amazon Instant Video apps are available on iPhones and iPads.


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