'Survivor' editors end walkout; contract talks scheduled Friday

'Survivor' editors end walkout; contract talks scheduled Friday
"Survivor" host Jeff Probst in a 2010 show. (CBS)

A day after editors at CBS' "Survivor" halted work over a labor dispute, the Motion Picture Editors Guild said in an email to its members that the walkout had been suspended and contract talks were scheduled for Friday.

"This evening the company agreed to the demand we issued on Tuesday for union recognition for the post crew of 'Survivor,'" the guild told members. "Contract talks have been scheduled for Friday."

The email came after two dozen Santa Monica-based post-production workers, who want a union contract with health and retirement benefits, "voted themselves off the job," as the guild put it, at Mark Burnett's Island Post Productions Inc. on Wednesday.

The workers, who are responsible for distilling about 250 hours of raw video down to one hour of entertainment, were assisting in post-production for the 90-minute premiere of the show, which has been filming in Nicaragua.

"'Survivor' post-production employees will return to their jobs on Thursday," the guild wrote in the email. "Our picket line will stand down until further notice ... kudos to the crew of 'Survivor' for their resolve they showed today and this important victory.

Season 29 of the CBS reality series is scheduled to begin Sept. 24.

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