Flaming Lips

Most incongruous cameo: Flaming Lips on “Beverly Hills 90210” Even the characters on “90210” seemed confused by a visit from the Flaming Lips. “It’s not Michael Bolton,” said Ian Ziering’s Steve Sanders when asked if it was indeed the Flaming Lips onstage. Back in 1993, the Flaming Lips hadn’t yet dipped into the electronic-enhanced orchestrated pop that won the band a more mainstream following around the turn of the century. Instead, the group was marked by a harder-edged guitar sound, with a kaleidoscope of scorched textures to swarm around squeaky-voiced singer Wayne Coyne. But the band had an alt-rock hit with the odd “She Don’t Use Jelly,” and was tapped to bring some cred to the mainstream soap opera.
Albert Olivé / EPA
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