Parenting quiz

TV Quiz: Are you a Huxtable? A Simpson? A Bundy?

-- By Glenn Whipp, Los Angeles Times
Our children watch us to learn about life. We watch TV so we can learn the finer points of parenting. Everyone wins … right? Right? Please take the following quiz so we'll know whether to alert the proper authorities.
TV Quiz: Are you a Huxtable? A Simpson? A Bundy? Credit: Top to bottom- "The Huxtables" ( NBC), "The Simpsons" (Matt Groening / 20th Century Fox), "The Bundys" (FOX television)

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  • 1. It's nap time. Where does your little one go to sleep each afternoon?

    • A. Crib. ("Up All Night")

    • B. Airplane. ("Keeping Up With the Kardashians")

    • C. Tanning bed. ("Toddlers & Tiaras")

  • 2. Your child starts dropping F-bombs. Repeatedly. You:

    • A. React with a mixture of amusement and abject terror. ("Modern Family")

    • B. Reconsider singing the uncensored version of the Who's "Who Are You" in front of your kids ("Louie")

    • C. Scream "Where the @%&$ did you learn that kind of language?" ("The Real Housewives of New Jersey")

  • 3. Role model named Betty:

    • A. Crocker (Various commercials)

    • B. Rubble ("The Flintstones")

    • C. Draper ("Mad Men")

  • 4. You generally think it's time to stop breast feeding when:

    • A. You've returned to work and it's just not practical anymore. ("Up All Night")

    • B. There are no more conquering heroes to greet, your sister isn't around and your son is old enough to go off into battle. ("Game of Thrones")

    • C. Your child is old enough to read Time magazine. ("Saturday Night Live")

  • 5. Child's typical bedtime routine:

    • A. Maintain a strict "don't ask, don't tell" policy. ("The Secret Life of the American Teenager")

    • B. Frazzled! Wacky! And, sometimes, kind of wonderful! ("The Middle")

    • C. My hours at the meth lab do not allow me to be home during the evening. ("Breaking Bad")

  • 6. During a long road trip, your children complain of being bored. You:

    • A. Tell them a story. ("Modern Family")

    • B. Tell the kids to keep an eye out for Bigfoot. He's been sighted in these parts! ("Finding Bigfoot")

    • C. Tell them that being bored is a useless thing to say. That we live in a great big vast world that they've seen none percent of. And that the insides of their own minds go on forever inwardly. And the fact that they're alive is amazing. So they don't get to be bored. OK? ("Louie")

  • 7. We eat together as a family … :

    • A. When I have the time. ("Up All Night")

    • B. When I have the kids. ("Mad Men")

    • C. When I'm not out butchering serial killers. ("Dexter")

  • 8. Children should be:

    • A. Seen not heard. ("Dance Moms")

    • B. Seen and heard. ("Modern Family")

    • C. Seen and burned. ("Game of Thrones")

  • 9. Agree/disagree: Children should be allowed to fulfill their own dreams.

    • A. Agree. ("Parenthood")

    • B. Agree. As long as their dreams dovetail with your own unfulfilled wishes. ("Toddlers & Tiaras")


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