Emmy Contenders: Anna Chlumsky on (perhaps) 'Veep's' greatest moment

Emmy Contenders: Anna Chlumsky on (perhaps) 'Veep's' greatest moment
Anna Chlumsky of "Veep" joins reporter Glenn Whipp for a chat in the Los Angeles Times newsroom. (Michelle Maltais)

There have been plenty of meltdowns and angry, unprintable words over the course of "Veep's" four seasons, but none has been more cutting than campaign manager Amy Brookheimer's tirade this year. You could practically see the smoke coming out of actress Anna Chlumsky's ears as she told Julia Louis-Dreyfus' POTUS that she'd had it. (Sample: "I wouldn't let you run a bath without having the Coast Guard and the Fire Department standing by. But yet, here you are, running America. You are the worst thing that has happened to this country since food in buckets. And maybe slavery.")

Chlumsky dropped by the Los Angeles Times recently to talk about the scene, which many have called the best in the history of the series.

"Oh, geez!" Chlumsky says, when told about the praise critics have accorded the moment. "That's so kind of them." She did note how hard it would be to single out one single scene from the show's illustrious, Emmy-laden history and that, if she had to narrow it down, she'd pick this one.

Chlumsky, a two-time Emmy nominee for her work on the show, also revealed the actor who most often makes her break during filming. So many candidates, right? But in the end ... this. Watch the interview to hear her explain why.

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