Emmy Contenders: Robin Lord Taylor's 'insane ride' on 'Gotham'

Robin Lord Taylor talks about his joy in working on Fox's Batman-related drama 'Gotham'

Robin Lord Taylor, who plays the sinister Oswald Cobblepot on Fox's "Gotham," dropped by the Los Angeles Times' television studio recently and opened up about the moody drama, his menacing character and his emotional connection to his screen alter ego.

Taylor talked about how the first season of the show that explores the origins of Batman and his many nemeses has been "an insane ride," although he had a feeling early into shooting that "this was going to be big" due to the vision of the creative team and the ensemble cast.

In the series, Cobblepot eventually transforms into the Penguin, and Taylor eagerly talked about his admiration for the Batman movies and previous actors who have played the villain, including Danny DeVito.

The actor also noted how Cobblepot's arc in this first season reflected his own personal and professional growth: "I was establishing myself and growing up, becoming an adult in a certain way. It was a really profound experience."

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