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'Lego Movie' actor Chris Pratt on the film's positive message

Watch Chris Pratt talk about the 'Lego Movie' message he didn't realize until he saw the whole thing

You might not expect a movie all about Lego figurines and the blocky, brightly colored world they inhabit to have much of a message — except maybe "Buy more Legos."

But Chris Pratt, star of the animated hit "The Lego Movie," took a few lessons away from the film, including one he didn't even realize until he saw the whole thing.

In this clip from a recent "Lego Movie" presentation for the Envelope Screening Series, Pratt talks about the movie's moral about staying positive.

What Pratt appreciated about his character Emmet was that he "didn't really know that the world was bad around him," Pratt says. "He just wasn't cynical. … He's just enthusiastic about life, even though they live in, like, the Lego version of North Korea, or whatever it is. He's happy with it. From his perspective, everything is OK, everything is awesome."

He adds, "There's elements of our society that [are] questionable — that doesn't mean you can't go and have a good time."

For more from Pratt and "Lego Movie" filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller, watch the video above and check back for a final clip.

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