Watch: Live chat with 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine's' Andre Braugher

Watch: Live chat with 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine's' Andre Braugher
Actor Andre Braugher joins The Times' Glenn Whipp for a live video chat.

Nobody had to convince us that Andre Braugher could play a law enforcer, not after bringing this guy to life on "Homicide: Life on the Street" for six seasons. But a funny cop? That wasn't necessarily how we pictured the Juilliard-trained actor.

Braugher, though, showed a real flair for comedy this year as the by-the-book precinct commander on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," winning his seventh Emmy nomination -- and first for comedy -- in the process.

The 52-year-old actor will be dropping by The Times television studio on Monday at 3:45 p.m. PDT to talk about, among other things, the role, what's in store for the show's second season and whether we might see his character, Capt. Raymond Holt, out on the dance floor again anytime soon.

"I did this show because I wanted to broaden my horizons," Braugher told The Times on Emmy nomination morning. "These guys who created the show, Dan [Goor] and Michael [Schur], really know what they're doing, and I've been able to learn something meaningful working with them. Comedy is a delicate art, it's mysterious."

Hinting at a few upcoming story lines, Braugher said that although Holt is a "very conservative guy," he wants to make some radical changes in the precinct.

"And not everyone wants that," Braugher says. "So there will be a tussle over the squad's direction."

We'll talk about that and we'll be taking your questions too. Tweet them to us, using the hashtag #asklatimes. See you Monday.

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