Watch: 'Fargo's' Colin Hanks live chat

An @latimes live chat with 'Fargo's' Colin Hanks on Tuesday at 11 a.m. PDT? You betcha!

Much of the action in the celebrated miniseries "Fargo" pivots on a first episode scene in which Gus Grimly, Colin Hanks' single-dad deputy, pulls over Billy Bob Thornton's mysterious Malvo and then, after some major intimidation, lets him go, a decision that results in numerous people (most of them bad, but still ...) losing their lives.

Hanks will be stopping by The Times' television studio Tuesday at 11 a.m. PDT to talk about "Fargo," Gus' choice and the show's reception, which, Hanks told us last month, has been "rather overwhelming."

As to the key early moment in the miniseries, Hanks says Gus' actions were understandable at the time.

"That scene is about what Gus is doing and not doing," Hanks told The Times. "It's a very relatable scenario — he's frightened for himself and his daughter, he wants to protect her, so the best thing to do is nothing. But although technically he did the right thing, the rest of the series revolves around him living with that guilt. In the eyes of everyone else, he did the wrong thing."

Of course, if you've watched "Fargo" in its entirety (and if you haven't, what are you waiting for?), you know that Gus stewed on that guilt and ultimately made things right. And we'll just stop there, but do know we'll be asking Hanks about the show's finale, along with a host of other spoiler-heavy questions. We'll also be happy to pass along your thoughts and queries. Just tweet them to us, using the hashtag #asklatimes. See you Tuesday? You betcha!

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