Envelope screening: 'Scandal's' Mellie, Jake strive to earn sympathy

Bellamy Young and Scott Foley talk about their characters starting out as hated, but fans have come around to cheer for them

Bellamy Young and Scott Foley are used to viewers regularly changing their opinions on their "Scandal" characters, Mellie and Jake. The actors appreciate the ability of the show's writers to produce episodes that can so drastically alter fans feelings toward certain characters.

"I think it's the gift of the writing," said Young as she reflected on the transformation her character had undergone.

"The writers have a very beautiful way of crafting these stories so that pretty soon you find yourself maybe not rooting against them, then all of a sudden you're rooting for them," said Foley, whose character regularly transitions from an underdog to a hero. "That's the beauty of the show."

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