Join us for a live chat with 'Scandal's' Bellamy Young on Thursday

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She's the politically cunning, emotionally vulnerable and impeccably dressed FLOTUS of ABC's "Scandal" -- and, hey, she knows how to guzzle some whiskey.

As First Lady Mellie Grant, actress Bellamy Young has endured a high-speed, whiplash-loaded journey of twists and turns as a fly stuck in the web spun by her husband, President Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), and his on-again, off-again paramour/DC fixer Olivia Pope.

We'll talk to Young about playing out the whirlwind when she stops by The Times on Thursday at 9:30 a.m. PDT. There's plenty to discuss, after all.

The third season, which wrapped in April, saw Mellie get caught up in her own extramarital affair -- only to have it yanked away. But it was the death of her son, Jerry Jr.,  in the season closer that will surely cast a shadow on Mellie as the show heads into its fourth season. 

And the TV world seems to have already taken notice of Young's performance of Mellie's vexed path. She is among the nominees for the Critics' Choice Awards, which were announced Wednesday.

We'll discuss it all when Young stops by our offices. But considering this was a show that social media word-of-mouth helped build, we encourage fans to keep the chatter going. Tweet us your questions using the hashtag #asklatimes, and we'll pass them along. 



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