'The Americans' Matthew Rhys talks 'honey trap' and spy games

Matthew Rhys, star of FX's 1980s-era spy-thriller "The Americans," joined us for a live chat in which he outlined the finer points of sleeping with the enemy for information (aka "honey trapping"), his favorite spy disguises and his hopes for the second season of the hit show.

On "The Americans," Rhys and co-star Keri Russell play Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, KGB spies posing as a married couple and discovering that, after 15 years together in an arranged union, they might have genuine feelings for one another. Given the nature of their profession (we mentioned the honey trapping, right?), this could prove problematic, though Rhys, a self-professed hopeless romantic, has his fingers crossed that they might just make it after all.

He shares those hopes with us, as well as his discomfort over the show's sex scenes and his belief that Dexys Midnight Runners' "Come on Eileen" should be used as a song cue before too long. Listen in!


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