Bryan Cranston | 'Breaking Bad'

Bryan Cranston has a message to the legions of "Breaking Bad" fans who are worked into a frenzy about next week's series finale: Simply, thank you. "Our little show about a depressed man who gets terminal lung cancer and starts cooking crystal meth couldn't have happened without you," he said while walking the red carpet Sunday at the Emmys. "Who would watch that, or even follow it if it weren't for you fans." Cranston feels that "Breaking Bad" did, in fact, reach its natural conclusion. "There's no question that we have not overstayed our welcome," said Cranston of the finale. "We have not diluted our story. It's a fine, fine ending -- it's unapologetic. It ended in a very 'Breaking Bad' style." On how fans responded, and whether the cast had similar reactions to the script: "We were doing the same thing. When we read these scripts, they were like unwrapping presents. We were saying, 'Oh, my God' to ourselves because of the wonderful craftsmanship of what the writers have done. We are the mouthpieces from them. That's what makes me so proud that this happened tonight."
Jordan Strauss / Invision / Associated Press
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