CYBER INTERVENTION: Spears’ old friends stage a cyber intervention

Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

Everybody from Lily Allen to Dr. Phil has spoken out in support of Britney Spears. Now some of Brit's supposed former friends and employees are offering their own two cents, asking fans to boycott Britney and save her life.

Yes, it's counterintuitive, but if the unknown creators of the MySpace page "Be Proactive to Help" believe that if the public refuses to buy Britney's music until she's healthy, Britney will finally clean up her act. Her new album, "Blackout," is due Oct. 30, but is now streaming via

As with all things Britney, the Brit-ban has elicited a flurry of responses. Here's a quick sampling:

…why would you do this to her. has anyone else been made an example of? dont you think she has been enough in the public eye.. tell me everytime you screw up would you want this disaster? stop let her be… (sharkee69,

As a big Britney fan I completely agree. The LAST thing that she needs to be doing is releasing a half hearted album, horrible videos, and laughable performances…As fans we should show that we love her enough to not perpetuate the trainwreck. PLEASE BOYCOTT BRITNEY!!! DON'T BUY HER ALBUM, AND STOP REQUESTING HER SONGS! (lala9876,

They're just the latest to join the choir to help the fallen pop star.

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