SHOWBIZ 7s: Choice words on celebs and reality TV

SHOWBIZ 7s: Choice words on celebs and reality TV
(Vivian Zink / Bravo)
Scott Sternberg, one of the executive producers of "Hey Paula," has been working in reality TV for almost 20 years.

Back in the '80s of course, the reality genre was confined mostly to game shows such as "The Newlywed Game," "The Gong Show" and "The All New Dating Game." Sternberg worked on all of them.

And after all that experience, he thinks he knows why celebrities keep popping up in the land of reality TV.

Here is his list of what he calls "the seven dirty words of reality":

1. Commerce: "Yes. You are going to get paid, your brand is going to grow and there is going to be a commerce angle to that. Doing a reality show is a way to make more money."

2. Promotion: "It's an excellent opportunity to promote what you are, and what you've been doing. Is there a new album, movie, TV show that you want people to know about? Or is there something in the lives of people around you?"

3. Ego: "The ego has to be fed, whether that's being on camera, getting awards, or generally being celebrated. If you don't have an ego then why would you want to do a reality show?"

4. Marketing: It is all about marketing, what are you selling and what do you want people to know about?"

5. Fan base: "Your fan base will definitely increase. I may not be a big KISS fan, but now I'm a big Gene Simmons fan because of his reality show."

6. Creativity: "The star does have some creative control on how you put it together, how you tell the story and what the episodes will be."

7. Fun: "If you aren't having fun then don't do it. You have all these cameras and crews around you. You've already made a decision to do it, you might as well have some fun."