Adam Sandler tops Forbes' overpaid-actor list for second year straight

Adam Sandler tops Forbes' overpaid actors list for a second year -- and why not? He's been on it the last five

Just go with it, Adam Sandler: You're Forbes' most overpaid actor for the second year in a row. 

Hopefully, "Grown Ups 2" provided the comedian with the maturity to deal with the fact that his films bring in only $3.20 for each buck he's paid (based on numbers compiled for the year ended in June 2014).

That's actually worse than his 2013 rate, which was $3.40 earned per dollar paid. Sandler's underperformance seems to have been a rather open secret, at least for the mortals over at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Also making the list for a second year were Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington. Washington is actually on the list for the fifth consecutive year.

Just like Adam Sandler.

But who's counting, right?

Johnny Depp got the No. 2 spot, followed by Ben Stiller, Ryan Reynolds and Tom Hanks. See the entire list here.

One thing for the ladies to note: Only one actress, Sandra Bullock, made this year's overpaid list, compared with three women on the 2013 list. Hello, pay disparity ...

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