Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis have sex, he reveals in talk on serious stuff

Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis have sex, he reveals in talk on serious stuff
You'll never believe who Ashton Kutcher gets to have sex with. OK, maybe you will ... (Frederick J. Brown / AFP / Getty Images)

Only in the 21st century. Only in the 21st century could Ashton Kutcher talk for 25 minutes straight -- about the definition of a good question, how he tells good from bad, government waste of taxpayer money, the value of time, what's on the horizon in technology -- and the takeaway be, "Ashton Kutcher has sex with Mila Kunis."

Hmm. Wasn't that shocking fact confirmed right about the time their daughter, Wyatt Isabelle, popped out?


Not to mention, there had been so many rumors before then. It was as if they were a couple. What with the dating, the living together, the baby bump, the engagement ring ...

Still, Kutcher was cute about it as he wove the headline-grabbing tidbit into his presentation at Lenovo's Tech My Way conference for entrepreneurs and others in Sydney on Friday.

"I get to have sex with her. It's awesome," he said about Kunis as an aside in a story about how he'd consulted his fiancee to help him figure out what makes for a great question.

Later, after a reference to Kunis' newest film, "Jupiter Ascending," in which she's the ruler of all people, he noted that in life, "I have sex with the queen of humanity. It's pretty funny."

And, on the eve of Valentine's Day, he later said, "I prize her as the most valuable person in the world." Nice.

By the way, his definition of a great question, which came after he debunked the notion that there are no dumb questions?

"A great question is a question that's armed with knowledge, and that's armed with care and thought," Kutcher said, "and that pierces into the gray matter of the world and the environment that we live in and looks for problems and inconsistencies and broken things.

"Great questions cause us to sit for days and ponder a solution."

Clearly, that's way too heavy for a tabloid headline.

Those who haven't lost interest at this point might care to know that Kutcher, whose investments tend to fall along the cutting edge of tech, sees breakthroughs in virtual reality, augmented reality, biotech, permissive-access personal identification and more coming down the pike.

And robots! Don't forget the robots! Where robots are concerned, we're on "page one of a thousand-page book," he said. But apparently we're about to turn the page.

Still hanging in there? OK, here's Kutcher's other big celebrity revelation, as a reward for your patience.

Brad Pitt is awesome.

"I walk into a room and it looked like he had lights that were just built for him. It was a regular room, but it was like, his hair was like, it was like a wind machine. There was no wind. It was just Brad Pitt being sexy. And brilliant. Hate that guy. Love him. Hate him."


Incidentally, "What's Brad Pitt like" isn't on Kutcher's list of good questions.

If you'd love to hear the meat and potatoes of the presentation instead of just the marshmallow fluff, check out the video above. Ashton takes the stage around the 1:24:00 mark.

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