See sexiest man Chris Hemsworth in a wet shirt, because it's awesome

See sexiest man Chris Hemsworth in a wet shirt, because it's awesome
Water War with Chris Hemsworth (Nardine Saad)

Chris Hemsworth is basking in the perks of being the sexiest man alive.

When the newly minted People magazine hunk appeared on "The Tonight Show" on Tuesday to promote his upcoming crime drama "Blackhat," host Jimmy Fallon inquired about the dividends from his new title.


"Free parking," the Aussie star deadpanned. "I just drive straight in and park in front of other cars if I want....  Free breadsticks. No taxes, I don't have to pay taxes, that's a bonus."

However, the 31-year-old said the comely crown isn't exactly helping him out much in his personal life.

"It probably did me more harm than good, to be honest," he said of being made fun of by his friends. "I thought it was going to give me more leeway around the house. And it was straight back to the nappies and the dishes."

The "Thor" star, who has daughter India Rose and welcomed twin boys Tristan and Sasha with wife Elsa Pataky in March, said that being dad to them is more important than being sexy to everyone else.

Fallon went on to make fun of the actor's younger brother -- Liam Hemsworth of "The Hunger Games" -- who strutted around in high heels with Fallon during his last appearance on the show. But the host seemed more concerned about young Liam being photographed with multi-colored painted nails at New Year's, which turned out to be less nefarious than it originally seemed.

"We just paint each other's nails as well," Hemsworth joked. "We didn't. My daughter and my nieces painted everybody's nails. So, I actually had my nails painted as well around Christmastime. That's what happens when you get a bunch of young girls together. They put lipstick on you and paint your face and paint your nails."

"You've got it coming," he told Fallon. "You've got two girls."

Aw, thanks for clearing that up, big bro.

Later, Hemsworth and Fallon played a manly few rounds Water War -- the card game War, with the loser getting soaked along the way and at the end -- which was just a gratifying excuse to see the hunky star in a sopping wet shirt.

He owned it. And it can be witnessed in the video above.

"Blackhat" hits theaters on Friday.

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