Elizabeth Banks wants her sons to marry Jimmy Fallon's daughters

Elizabeth Banks, Jimmy Fallon want their kids to marry each other

Elizabeth Banks and Jimmy Fallon have done a little matchmaking for their children.

The "Pitch Perfect 2" director, who appeared for the first time on Fallon's "Tonight Show" on Tuesday, asked the new dad about his daughters Winnie, 1 1/2, and Frances, 3 months, and talked at length about her two boys.

"Mine are 2 1/2 and 4," the "Hunger Games" actress said of sons Felix and Magnus. "So I'm hoping someday they're going to get married to your girls. We'll be one big happy family. It'll be great. I promise they're like really nice guys."

Fallon was a huge fan of the arranged marriages and proceeded to ask the funnywoman about his daughters' suitors.

"They have a lot of energy," the YouTube host explained before getting into the ups and downs of communicating with her boys on FaceTime.

"So I'm FaceTiming them. It's awesome. I mean, first of all, that FaceTime exists is amazing. I basically don't even need to go home. I could just parent from here," the "30 Rock" alum quipped.

Banks' husband, Max Handelman, who co-produced the a capella comedies with her, has been keeping an eye on their boys while she works. But one inexplicable thing keeps happening when she calls to check in on them.

"I feel like the past couple of days, whenever I FaceTime, this is the first thing that I hear ... 'Mommy, we're naked!' And here's the thing: I can see that they're naked. It's FaceTime. Like, 'Oh, yeah, there you are. What happened to your clothes?' They just love it."

Watch the clip above to see how that revelation became a bit of an arranged-marriage deal-breaker.

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