Freddie Prinze Jr. clarifies post-surgery 'learnin to walk' remark

Freddie Prinze Jr. has some advice for his fans: Don't believe everything you read. Seems some of his recent Twitter remarks have been, ahem, misinterpreted.

"Guys Im totally fine. Recovering great. No need to get ur info from entertainment 'news' sources who have no clue. Trust your homie," the actor wrote Saturday after a rash of headlines -- which continued into Monday -- noted he was recovering from surgery and stated as fact that he was learning to walk again.


"Im not running or doing jiu jitsu," Prinze tweeted Monday in response to yet another story -- one he branded false -- about his recovery that claimed he was healing up at a Brazilian jiujitsu gym. "I was sitting on a mat at home meditating. I walk for my PT."

(That particular story, incidentally, interpreted a selfie he'd posted as indicating he was "clearly looking on the bright side of life in spite of his affliction." Drama!)

The "Star Wars Rebels" voice star underwent spinal surgery for what he called some "disc issues" on Nov. 20.

"Samurai, Jedi, Gamers if all agesI gots nuthin but love for you. Spine surgery this morning but now ur homie is ... Robo-Bro! Bionic pic inc," he tweeted that day.

The 38-year-old "24" alum kept things light, posting before and after pics from the procedure and joking about his new monikers: "Robo-Bro, Brobot, the Iron Android. Pris' new boyfriend. All acceptable nicknames," he wrote after sharing snapshots of his neck brace.

"They said 2 weeks and im already feelin pretty good," he said Nov. 22.

But the caption on a neck-brace selfies posted Wednesday wound up sending the gossips into a tizzy: "#KeepItPlayful Learnin to walk again is like learning jiu-jitsu - 1 technique at a time," the Brazilian martial arts fan had written.

Of course, the notion that a celebrity is incapacitated and learning how to walk again makes for a juicy-good headline when the news is holiday slow.

After assuring all on Saturday that he was fine, he posted another pic showing that he could not only walk but also could also stay balanced on one leg: "#Robo-Bro Do i look jacked up to ya'll? Balance ... In all things."

The "She's All That" alum, who is married to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" alum Sarah Michelle Gellar, then turned his predicament into satire.

"SOURCE; Freddie's surgery was a transfusion of Gracie DNA kept in cryogenic storage for decades. Rio De Jeneiro has built him better," he wrote, adding, "the secret is out ..."

But followers were still concerned.

"Private medical info amigos. Lets say i had some disc issues that have been resolved. 'Nuff said friends," he wrote on Saturday.

A rep for Prinze Jr. did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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