'Mortdecai's' Depp, Paltrow spill secrets playing 'Never Have I Ever'

.@TheEllenShow gets @Mortdecai's Paltrow, Depp, Bettany to admit truths in #NeverHaveIEver

Only Ellen DeGeneres can get stars to spill their secrets in the most playful way.

The daytime-TV star hosted Gwyneth Paltrow, Johnny Depp and Paul Bettany -- from the cast of the zany art caper "Mortdecai" -- on Thursday and they played a lively round of "Never Have I Ever," a truth-telling game that required the stars to reveal a few embarrassing tidbits from their pasts.

The results: Bettany and Depp have both been to a nude beach and have been arrested, and have lied to get a job, but they've never "sexted."

Paltrow, however, has sexted.

Depp and Paltrow have joined the "mile-high club" and Paltrow and Bettany have weaseled their way out of speeding tickets by playing the celebrity card.

They've all seen each other naked and have said a baby was cute when it was "obviously ugly."

Click play above to see DeGeneres' answers.

Goop founder Paltrow said Depp is "the funniest person" she's ever worked with.

"I wet myself and like pitted out badly," she said, after admitting that she ruined about 15 takes during their gag-reflex gaffes in the film.

The worst thing about her costar, she said, is that he's "sort of perfect. I mean, he's pretty amazing." She then griped about his sleeping habits.

"You know how your alarm clock might go off and say, 'Oh, it's 8, I might need to get up and go to work.' I think when Johnny's goes off, he's like, 'Oh, I need to sleep for like six more hours,'" she joked. "He's too cool to follow a regular 24-hour schedule like we do."

Depp said that his "on time is just late."

As for what irks the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star about Paltrow: "She's just Gwyneth. Look at her. She's a wonderful thing," he quipped.

The costars also discussed how their kids don't think they're cool and prefer not to be seen with them in public. The reason might surprise you.

"Mortdecai" opens Friday. Read the review here.

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