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Michael Douglas' son Cameron reportedly beaten badly in prison

Michael Douglas' son, pictured on the right, reportedly has been beaten in a Pennsylvania prison, winding up with a broken finger and a broken leg. Cameron Douglas, 34, suffered the injuries, including a broken femur, after a New York City crime boss put a $100 bounty on his head during the prison flag-football league season because he was a "rat," a prison source told the New York Post. Although the younger Douglas reportedly dropped out of the league where he was targeted, he nonetheless turned up badly injured. The actor's son blamed his injuries on a handball game, the source said, and a doctor's aide reportedly misdiagnosed the break as a sprain at first. "You don't break a femur playing handball," the source told the New York Post, adding later, "He's still walking around on crutches two months later." Full story: Michael Douglas' son Cameron reportedly beaten badly in prisonAssociated Press