Iggy Azalea says Papa John's driver gave out her number in 'privacy breach'

Iggy Azalea is not one to be trifled with when her privacy is violated.

By a pizza delivery guy, no less.


"I ordered a cheese pizza but instead I got tons of calls and messages like this one," she tweeted at Papa John's on Sunday along with a screen grab of two texts that read, "Hello is this iggy azalea my brother had delivered something from Papa John's to u and he gave me the number on Friday night i am ur number one fan please call me back please," and "if this is u please answer u r my idol."

Not cool, delivery guy. Not cool, delivery guy's sibling. (Also not cool, Iggy's Grammy-night hairdresser, but that's a whole 'nother story.)

The pizza chain's social-media emissary had a sassy reply: "@iggyazalea #We should have known better. Customer and employee privacy is important to us. Please don't #bounce us!"

Bad move. The Australian rapper did not appreciate the chain having a little fun riffing off lyrics from her tunes "Bounce" and "Black Widow."

"I don't think data breach is funny," the "Fancy" singer replied in a series of tweets. "I expect you to contact me to explain how you are going to rectify your breach of my personal information in a satisfactory and professional way or lawsuit will be filed."

Azalea also posted a text reply from the driver's supervisor that said, in part, "my driver is currently on his way home to speak to his parents and his sister ... I will give you more updates as they come in."

On Monday, she reiterated her demand for answers from the company, noting that customers trusted the chain's employees with their credit card information as well as phone numbers and addresses.

"When an employee steals information it's called data breach. It's illegal. There are steps a corporation is supposed to follow afterward," she wrote in another series of tweets. "They don't include tweeting out song lyrics to the customer making the complaint, it's really unprofessional. I want a real answer.

"If someone at T-Mobile got your # after you paid a bill and started calling over and over, you'd expect a real resolution via the company," Azalea added.

"You wouldn't expect a tweet that said something like 'uh oh! Don't let him use up all your minutes girl!' From the company."

There was, however, one company that hit the right note with her via social media.

"@IGGYAZALEA delivery. smh," tweeted a sympathetic DiGiorno Pizza, shaking its virtual head in disbelief.

Azalea's response: "I know right!"

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