Only Jennifer Lawrence can make barfing seem as cute as a new puppy

Jennifer Lawrence threw up at Madonna's Oscars after-party. Nice.

Jennifer Lawrence knows how to party. Or, more accurately, perhaps she doesn't know how to party. 

Yup -- America's goofiest sweetheart managed to throw up all over the place at a fancy-shmancy Oscars bash. Niiiiice. 

And, always the giver, a self-deprecating Lawrence dished on her party foul to Seth Meyers in an interview that aired Wednesday on his late-night show. Now, is it just us, or did she seem to blame -- her date? 

For her third Academy Awards visit, the "X-Men: Days of Future Past" star and 2014 supporting-actress nominee invited one Laura Simpson, a friend of more than seven years, as her plus-one. 

"She was a terrible influence on me!" Lawrence told Meyers.

Example: The two ladies left the auditorium after the supporting-actress statue went to Lupita Nyong'o, Lawrence said, "and then [Simpson] was like, 'Meet me at the bar,' and so I snuck out and I was like, 'Oh my God, I can't do this!,' and she was like, 'You can do whatever you want!"

Of course, the delicate flower that is Lawrence never would have shouted down a luscious-smelling Brad Pitt without encouragement, right? It's always the friend ... 

In years past, the actress had attended with family and gone home after the show.

"This time I was like, 'I'm going out,'" she said. "And I puked. All over."

"There's this big fancy party, this Guy Oseary and Madonna party, and if you get invited you're like super-important. And I puked on his porch. I was in such bad condition, and I looked behind me while I'm puking and Miley Cyrus is there, like, 'Get it together.'"

You know you're in trouble when Miley Cyrus thinks you're behaving badly. 

Pal Simpson did keep Jennifer's upchuck secret close to the vest, however: The vomiting portion of the evening was politely left out of a hilarious MySpace post the I'm-not-famous date wrote a couple of days after the March 2 awards.

That said, it still isn't the first we've heard about this: The interview was actually taped on April 21, and an audience member funneled the story to Us Weekly a few days later. 

It just wasn't nearly as funny until Lawrence herself told the tale. Seriously, if you made it this far without watching the video, you should get on that immediately.

Just do it. You know, you can do anything you want ... 

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