Kelly Clarkson doesn't know woman who's calling her fat, doesn't care

Say what you will about Kelly Clarkson ...

Seriously, say what you will. Whatever you will. And then get over it. Because apparently Kelly Clarkson couldn't care less.


This resiliant trait was revealed this week in an interview Heat magazine conducted with the singer, who gave birth to a daughter last June. Seems a British journalist had harsh words about Clarkson's weight after the singer's BBC appearance last month, and Heat wanted to know how those nastygrams had affected the woman behind "My Life Would Suck Without You."

"I don't have a clue what you're talking about," the "American Idol" alum said. "Someone tweeted something about me?"

Yup, TV personality Katie Hopkins — whose name Clarkson didn't recognize — had a lot to say in a series of tweets posted Feb. 20.

"[W]hat happened to Kelly Clarkson?," said the veteran of British versions of "The Apprentice" and "Celebrity Big Brother." "Did she eat all of her backing singers? Happily I have wide-screen."

Hopkins had continued: "Darling, if you had a baby a year ago, that is not baby weight. It is fat. Quit calling it cute names to make yourself feel better. Baby weight, puppy fat, muffin top. We're so weakwilled we have to make up cute names for fat. Babies, puppies, muffins. Nope. Just fat love."

After hearing the details, Clarkson had an explanation for Hopkins' tweets: "That's because she doesn't know me. I'm awesome! It doesn't bother me. It's a free world. Say what you will."

The "Stronger" singer said she's "just never cared what people think," preferring instead to focus on making sure she feels happy and confident.

"And more so now, since having a family," she said. "I don't seek out any other acceptance."

Hopkins' attitude toward weight gain was documented in a TV special called "My Fat Experiment," according to "Entertainment Tonight." In it, she gained 42 pounds by lying around the house and eating, then lost it by eating less and exercising more.

"You're supporting Kelly Clarkson because everybody likes to have a fat friend," she told "ET" on Wednesday, "because the great thing about a fat friend is it makes you feel slimmer."

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