Kerry Washington used to be 'more super-sharey,' she says

Kerry Washington used to be 'more super-sharey,' she says
Kerry Washington at PaleyFest 2015 in Los Angeles on March 8 to participate in the "Scandal" panel. The actress talks fashion and other topics with Lena Dunham for Marie Claire. (Richard Shotwell / Associated Press)

When Kerry Washington got married, the big story seemed to be that she'd been dating her beau for a year and gotten engaged and it hadn't made the news.

When Kerry Washington had a baby, the big story seemed to be that Isabelle was a couple of weeks old before her arrival made the news.


Seeing a theme here?

Kerry Washington is one very private celebrity.

"Earlier in my career I was much more super-sharey," the "Scandal" star tells Lena Dunham in the April issue of Marie Claire.

"There were moments when I wanted to process things that were happening to me more privately, and I didn't have the space to do it, because once you let people in, they're in and you don't get to say, 'Oh, I want this for myself.'"

One thing she's willing to share these days, however, is her fashion sense.

"I just put myself in a boot camp of figuring it out -- and realized that I really loved it," Washington told the mag. "I guess because I came to it later in life, I realized, 'Oh, going to a fashion show is like going to the opening of Degas at the Met or going to see 'Swan Lake.'"

But one thing she wouldn't tell Dunham was the identity of her celebrity crush.

"I feel like I can't tell you," Washington says, "because I'm going to see them and it's going to be really weird."

The "Girls" creator seems to agree that's a prudent move. "Nothing kills a celebrity crush," Dunham says, "like meeting a celebrity."

And if it such a crush-meeting ever happened? We're betting Washington wouldn't tell.

Marie Claire's April incarnation, with Washington on the cover and her full exchange with Dunham inside, hits newsstands on March 24.

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