Kim Kardashian and a naked drunk woman rendezvous in Cannes -- kinda

Apparently, Kim Kardashian does not take American Express.

The pregnant reality star's beauty sleep was disturbed Wednesday morning in Cannes, France, by a naked drunk woman banging on her door and apparently trying to use a credit card to get into the wrong hotel room. Kim's hotel room.

"Thanks to the drunk naked woman banging on my door I have been up since 4 am! I'm so sleepy now but have to work! It's gonna be a long day!" tweeted Kardashian, who's in town for a speaking engagement at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. "I took a fun video of her as a reminder of why I never tolerated drinking 2 much! Slob kabob! I won't post it but it's funny!"

Tease! No fair if you don't share.

The woman reportedly lifted her dress and flashed Kardashian when the latter came to see who was at the door, sources told TMZ, alleging that security had to be called three times before the woman was relocated.

"She thought her Amex was my room key lol," said Mrs. West, explaining that the woman was probably staying at the hotel but had the wrong room number. "I hope I run into her today."

Hmm, how about tonight? We're guessing that hangover's not going anywhere any time soon. 

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