'Breaking Bad': The case of Bryan Cranston's missing script

As "Breaking Bad" gears up for its final season, a wayward script allegedly stolen from star Bryan Cranston's car has potentially jeopardized the secrecy shrouding the finale of the Emmy-winning AMC series. Xavier McAfee, 29, has been accused of unlawfully entering Cranston's Audi in New Mexico last December, allegedly lifting the script and other items from the car. He faces a burglary charge and was released on bail Monday, according to CNN. So we ask ourselves, what would Cranston's Walter White, a chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin, do in a situation like this? Probably not what the actor himself did: Call the police. Full story: 'Breaking Bad': The case of Bryan Cranston's missing script | RECAP: Previously on 'Breaking Bad' ...
Ursula Coyote / Associated Press
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