Controversial character: Janet Jackson

What she did: Technically, it's what Justin Timberlake did, which was pull back Jackson's shirt to reveal her right breast (partially covered by a nipple shield) at the end of his song "Rock Your Body" during the halftime show of the 2004 Super Bowl. What happened next: Jackson apologized for the "wardrobe malfunction," but she was told by CBS that she could not appear on its 46th annual Grammy Awards show. The singer was pulled from playing the starring role in a biopic of Lena Horne, by Horne's request. Residual effects: Jackson released her album "Damita Jo" one month after the incident and it sold 400,000 copies in one week. Her most recent album, "Discipline," was released in 2008 and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Her brother Michael's death and her subsequent tribute appearances have made the Super Bowl slip-up a distant memory.
Andy Lyons / Getty Images
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