Dr. Phil and Pat O'Brien

Incident: Dr. Phil provides platform for Pat O'Brien to polish his tarnished image What did Phil do: Pat O'Brien, host of Viacom-owned "The Insider," was exposed leaving a series of sexually explicit voice mails on a woman's phone, which quickly became Internet fodder. After treatment in an alcohol rehabilitation program, O'Brien had to undergo grilling in a prime-time special on Viacom-owned CBS with Dr. Phil, host of his very own Viacom-owned show. What would Phil say: "Sometimes you just got to give yourself what you wish someone else would give you." Outcome: Dr. Phil turned his so-called televised therapy session with the obviously troubled O'Brien into a PR bonanza for corporate parent Viacom. In the end, the money people won, while the sick guy remained troubled -- in early 2008 O'Brien reentered rehab.
Craig T. Mathew / Paramount
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