Marvel's Spider-Man revealed in the 'Captain America: Civil War' trailer

Just over a year ago, Sony revealed that they would be setting the beloved webslinger Spider-Man free into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Peter Parker would be free to explore all sorts of superhero hijinks with "Avengers" in the Disney-based movies. And today, the brand new face of Marvel's Spidey has been revealed. 

Gone is the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man of yesterday, the new Spidey will be played by young actor Tom Holland. We don't get to see the face of the new actor in the newly revealed footage in the "Captain America: Civil War" trailer. But we do get to hear him, and check out his brand new suit. Complete with comic-book inspired, moving spidey eyes. 

Watch all the way to the end of the new "Civil War" trailer and you can see Tony Stark (Iron Man) call upon the brand new hero. He looks so deeply comic-panel-like it almost feels like he's entirely animated. Pair that with the youthful ringing of an adolescent voice sounding out over the fighting, and you've got a pretty comic-consistent creation.

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Fans of the "Civil War" series know that Spider-Man has a fairly important part to play in the story, so it makes sense that Disney and Marvel wanted to include this superhero staple in the big battle to come. Whether or not it will gel with the complicated plot this story arc will have to tackle, remains to be seen. Until then, enjoy your new Spider-Man, people.


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