Here's what it's like to spend the day with the 'Game of Thrones' cast and creators at Comic-Con

If you think capturing the Iron Throne with an army of the Unsullied and a couple of dragons takes planning, imagine taking a dozen "Game of Thrones" cast and creators through the madness of Comic Con!

For the first time ever, Los Angeles Times Television Critic Mary McNamara and her 17-year-old son Danny Stayton are embedded with the "Game of Thrones" panel as they navigate the streets and geeks of San Diego, hitting all the press stops, filling the vaunted Hall H and mixing it up with Conan. Follow them at @marymacTV, @DannyStaysIn and #GoTHero as they tweet their way through the ultimate #SDCC adventure!

FULL COVERAGE: Photos from the "GoT" meet and greet | Comic-Con 2015 |@LATHeroComplex | Special Edition magazine on Flipboard

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