'Star Wars' comic changes Han Solo's past forever

New 'Star Wars' comic issue contains a major surprise from Han Solo's past

Massive changes are happening for everyone's favorite space smuggler, Han Solo. Turns out Solo may have been a bit of a scoundrel after all. (Warning: Spoilers ahead.)

Marvel just released a panel from the new in-canon "Star Wars" comic series that irrevocably changes Solo's past by introducing the new character Sana Solo, who says she's Han's wife.

This panel comes from Marvel Entertainment's "Star Wars" No. 6 (created by writer Jason Aaron and artist John Cassaday). The dashing character framed by dramatic, secret-past-revealing winds and an unfurling scarf is Han's wife. Or at least, that's what she's claiming whilst pointing a weapon directly at her alleged husband.

The comic series jumps off right after the Death Star was destroyed, filling in the details between "Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope" and "Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back."

Which means, Han may have been married the whole time he was flirting with main character Princess Leia Organa throughout "Star Wars: Episode IV." Then again, the whole thing could be a ruse, a shakedown — or perhaps Sana and Han space-separated? Only time, and this new comic, will tell. Either way, it's pretty impressive to watch Marvel grab the "Star Wars" canon by the rug and rip it out from under the many fans. Bold move.

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