No. 5: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Sure, most of the gameplay involves the buying and selling of drugs, not the most moral or legal of activities. And yeah, it is a Grand Theft Auto title, which means copious amounts of violence, bad language and adult situations, hardly suitable for children. But even though it was first released for the Nintendo DS, the premier game system for kids, one thing simply cannot be ignored: Chinatown Wars is the most technically sound DS game to date. With a wide selection of music, a wide-open map with no load times, actual spoken voices, great multi-player modes and perfect use of the DS's touch screen (stealing a car requires manual dexterity!), this is the one game that shows us what is possible on the DS. Details: Nintendo DS and PSP platforms; $29-$34.99; rated Mature (blood and gore, drug reference, sexual content, strong language, violence).
Rockstar Games
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