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Charles McNulty


Charles McNulty is the theater critic of the Los Angeles Times. He received his doctorate in dramaturgy and dramatic criticism from the Yale School of Drama. McNulty has taught at Yale, the New School, New York University, the City University of New York Graduate Center, UCLA and the California Institute of the Arts. McNulty, who got his theatrical start as a literary intern at the New York Public Theater in the days of Joseph Papp, is a former Village Voice theater critic and editor. He was the chairman of the Pulitzer drama jury in 2010. He received the George Jean Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism for the theater year 2009-10 and was awarded the top prize for feature writing from the Society for Features Journalism in 2011.

Recent Articles

  • In 'Bed,' a tale of wounded love, the truth of the acting is a lure

    In 'Bed,' a tale of wounded love, the truth of the acting is a lure

    The bed that dominates the set for Sheila Callaghan's new play, "Bed," is raised on a jerry-built platform and surrounded by a sea of junk — bags of cheap candy, cigarette butts, junk-food wrappers and other vestiges of late-night wildness from weeks (maybe months) gone by. Holly (a fiery Kate...

  • 'The Room' controversy overshadows the production

    'The Room' controversy overshadows the production

    This is not a review. Samuel French Inc., the licensing agent representing the Harold Pinter estate in the U.S., has decreed that the Wooster Group's production at REDCAT of Pinter's first play, "The Room," shall not be reviewed. Let's call this then a critical assessment, an evaluative essay,...