Ben Schwartz, 'House of Lies' and 'Parks and Recreation'

Ben Schwartz is fairly sure that Clyde Oberholt, his character on the new Showtime comedy "House of Lies," which premieres Jan. 8, would hate Jean-Ralphio Saperstein, the lovably clueless, self-styled entrepreneur he plays on "Parks and Recreation." "Clyde would write off Jean-Ralphio in two seconds," Schwartz said. "He would see that he's all talk and no game." "House of Lies" follows a team of management consultants, led by a Don Draper-like antihero (played by Don Cheadle), under constant pressure to impress high-powered corporate executives while jockeying for position in an ethically ambiguous field. Clyde's calculating nature extends to all aspects of his life. "When he's trying to pick up a woman, he does it in a certain number of keystrokes," Schwartz noted. An Upright Citizens Brigade veteran, Schwartz also appeared in NBC's short-lived 2010 spy drama "Undercovers." The promising "House of Lies" role is only one of many items on Schwartz's busy 2012 agenda: He wrote the screenplay for a "Soapdish" remake that recently made industry insiders' "Black List" of highly anticipated unproduced projects and will voice the title character of the Disney XD animated series "Randy Cunningham: Ninth Grade Ninja," slated to premiere late next year. -- Judy Berman
Patrick Ecclesine / Showtime
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